Student-built home now for sale

Student-Built Home Now For Sale

HERMISTON, Ore-- While most students are celebrating the end of the school year, one group is celebrating something much bigger.

Back in September, students were just laying the groundwork for a home located near the middle school in Hermiston.

It’s part of the Columbia Basin Student Home Building Program. This is the fourth home students have built, working from the ground up.

Nine months later, the dream home is complete, and students who worked on it said it’s surreal to see.

"This is a very high-end home, and I still say it's amazing for most folks to think that high school students did anything with this house,” Program Coordinator Curt Berger said.

It boasts four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. It has state-of-the art features, like a central vacuum system.

"What we want is the wow factor everywhere you look,” Berger said.

Students admired their handiwork for the first time Wednesday.

"You don't realize the progression until it is at this point and you're like, ‘it's done. I've nothing more to do,’” Hermiston High School junior Chase Townsend said.

Students in The Columbia Basin Student Home Building Program worked on it all school year, learning hard work and problem solving.

"Just learning how to work, like it's nice in this beautiful air-conditioned house today, but it wasn't that nice in the sun and the heat and the cold,” Berger said.

Now these students leave behind something that will stay in the community for years to come.

“I really hope when they look back on this, they realize what a great thing this is. Most students don't get a chance to work on something like this,” Berger said.

The program was created to get more students into the trades, where they said there's a worker shortage.

This home is now for sale, it's priced at $399,000 dollars.

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