Students collect 3,000 cans for food bank

Students collect 3,000 cans for food bank

KENNEWICK, Wash -- Students at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Kennewick were out of class this morning, loading thousands of cans of food into pickup trucks.

For the past month, kindergarten through eighth graders have collected canned goods and non-perishable items for the needy in our community. Over the past four weeks the kids and their families have donated more than 3,000 cans.

The students say it's rewarding for the school and students to help families who are in need. "It's pretty good. It makes you feel good when you're bringing cans and know you're doing doing some good," said student council president Aeden Grandinetti.

"It feels like you're actually doing something good for others and it makes you feel really unselfish," says sixth grader Anita Valdez.

St. Joseph's Catholic School has been holding an annual food drive for the past 35 years. All the food is donated to the Tri-Cities Food Bank.

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