Students honor Veterans at day-long event

Students honor Veterans at day-long event

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Students at one Kennewick school know a little more about what it means to serve our country tonight.

Highlands Middle School hosted their second-annual Military Appreciation Day.

Students spent their day with veterans, both retired and active duty, and got to ask questions about being drafted, the enlistment process, boot camp, and what kind of food they ate during battle.

Vincent Juarez with the U.S. Coast Guard said both the event, and the students enthusiasm for it, are outstanding.

"It's not just inviting some veterans over and shaking their hand, you could tell there's a lot of time and effort put into this. With the flag detail, the national anthem, the structure of the way the assemblies were set up."

Juarez said he appreciated how the school honors vets from multiple demographics, all the the way back to those who served in World War Two.

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