Students invent, create, and problem-solve at Destination Imagination

Students invent, create, and problem-solve at Destination Imagination

RICHLAND, Wash. -- There's nothing quite like a child's imagination. And on Saturday, Richland High School became Destination Imagination.

Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving tournament for students K through University. More than 60 teams showed off their inventions and solutions they had been preparing for months.

Students can choose from several challenges that revolve around steam topics: science, technology, engineering. the arts, and math.

Judges said the student's solutions often surprise them.

"They come up with the most amazing things,” said Nora de Sandoval, Destination Imagination WA president of the board. “You kind of think to yourself when you read a challenge, okay, this is probably how it's going to go. And then a team will come in and just knock your socks off with something totally different.”

De Sandoval said Destination Imagination is a great way for kids to learn problem solving, teamwork, creativity.

Top teams will move on to the state tournament in Wenatchee and then on to Globals in Tennessee. To learn more, click here.

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