Students meet "Winter Wishes" at Delta High School

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PASCO, Wash -- At Delta High School in Pasco, science and technology come first at the STEM school, but some of the students don't have the basics at home.

Now students are identifying the need of their classmates, and helping provide for their friends.

Delta senior Joel Aleman says last Christmas he was working an after school job to help his family, but still had trouble making ends meet.

One of his classmates noticed and put his name and need in a Winter Wishes box. "I received a winter wish ... a food card. Because of that wish I was able to make do with some bills we had and it really helped out and I appreciate my friends knowing that need that I had and it really helped me in the end."

The Winter Wish boxes are in every classroom for the month of November. Students can write a classmate's name and what they need on a slip of paper. Anything from a gift card for food, to computers for homework.

Junior Jon Cantu is one of the organizers. He says sometimes kids notice things or hear things that the grownups might not know about. "Teachers and students talk all the time, but it doesn't get as one on one as student to student."

This year they have about 150 wishes and the school is committed to meeting each and every one. Community donations help a lot, including 25 donated computers this year.

"We have a great partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory run by Battelle and we've been able to get some of their gently used computers that they are getting rid of anyway and have those refurbished for students who need those in their homes," says Principal Dr. Jenny Rodriquez.

Joel Aleman is not only a recipient of the program, but also an organizer, helping collect and meet the wishes of friends and classmates. "Winter wishes is a time for Delta to come together as a community and see the need and come together as a family."

It's kids helping other kids; taking a quick moment to notice each other and possibly make a lasting difference.

If you'd like to donate to the program you can contact Delta High School.

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