Sustainable seafood lovers can dive deeper with direct shipping

The public can have the seafood from Anthony’s Restaurants shipped directly to their doorstep from Anthony’s Seafood Company.

TRI-CITIES, Wash. – From wild Alaska cod to wild caught Dungeness crab, seafood lovers in our area can now have Anthony’s wild caught fish delivered to their door.

Anthony's Seafood Direct gives the public the ability to purchase the highest quality seafood from Alaska that they serve in their restaurants and prepare it for their families at home.

Tim Ferleman, the head seafood buyer for Anthony’s, has been in the seafood industry for more than four decades. He's proud of the relationships he's made with the fishermen and fisheries over the years in Alaska.

"The beautiful thing about Alaska is that it’s so advanced about the management of their fisheries because they know how important it is," he said. "It's their economy."

It’s highest quality of seafood, Ferleman said, plus their seafood company supports fishing operations that use sustainable practices.

"We're working directly with fishermen and seafood producers right on the docks, so you know what you're getting. you know where it's coming from, and you know how it was caught,” Ferleman said.

“You can rest assured when you're eating it that it's going to taste great and you're going to feel good about where it came from."

Ferleman said seafood is easy to make and their Alaskan wild caught products can also come with recipes to help you recreate the dishes you love.

To learn more about the seafood they're offering, visit their website.

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