Teenagers steal cookies from Girl Scouts in Richland

Teenagers steal cookies from Richland Girl Scouts

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Police said a group of teens robbed Girl Scouts of cookies and the joy of selling them when they stole an entire case.

The boys got away with dozens of cookie boxes, for now, because police said their karma is about to come around again.

“If I had to hazard a favorite,” Captain Mike Cobb pondered. “It would probably be the ones with peanut butter in them," he spoke of Tagalongs.

“That's always a perennial favorite,” Cobb said.

Cobb said he's a big fan--of both the cookies and the Girl Scouts program.

“They're out there in the community working hard, just being good kids,” he said. “So they shouldn't be targets for crime.”

But recently in Richland, Cobb said three of teenage boys snatched a case of cookies and sprinted off.

“It's kind of unbelievable some of the stuff people will do,” Cobb said. “Especially with young ladies like that.”

Police said the Girl Scout troop that was set up at a Safeway was okay--but the theft left them unsettled.

“Wow, really? You know, a lot of crimes are heartless acts,” he said. “But especially preying upon people who are just trying to do a good thing and help the community.”

Cobb said they haven't caught the three suspects yet--but they're close.

“If you're going to pick on somebody, why would you pick on the Girl Scouts?”

So don't mess with the Girl Scouts--especially their Tagalongs.

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