The Link Entertainment Center is once again in voters' hands

The Link Entertainment Center is once again in voters' hands

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The future of a new, expanded entertainment center in the Tri-Cities is once again in the hands of Kennewick voters.

Kennewick's Public Facilities District proposed a $45 million upgrade and renovation to the Toyota and Convention Centers last year--but it failed by just a couple hundred votes--so they're putting it all on the line again this November.

The Link Entertainment Center would do just that--link together the Toyota center and the Convention Center.

The proposal seeks to expand the Convention Center, renovate the Toyota Center, and add new features like a youth sports arena and a Broadway-type theater.

“The additions will continue to make Tri-Cities a great place to live and work and people will want to come to here,” said Barbara Johnson, President of the Kennewick Public Facilities District.

Members of the district said it's a way for the growing area to bring in more artists, shows, and athletic events.

“Tri-Cities definitely has a lot to offer,” Johnson said. “And I think it's a great thing when our citizens can actually come to a facility in their own town.”

The Center would be paid for by a two-tenths sales tax increase. That's two cents for every ten-dollars you spend--only in the city of Kennewick--and voters Action News talked with are split on the decision.

“Honestly I’m a little torn,” Nathan Anderson said. “I like the idea of having another facility here in town to bring people in, have more events, But I am torn because it's just another tax.

Organizers said the sales tax would expire once the bond is paid.

“For the better of the community, it may be worth it to provide extra things for the tri cities,” Tanya Jackson said.

“I'm opposed to any additional new taxes, so I don't know,” Anderson said. “The verdict's still out. I've been trying to do research to be informed as I can.

Lucky for voters, you still have a little while longer to decide. Those who live in Kennewick will be able to vote on the link proposal on November 7.

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