The Tale of the Pasco Bike that came back

The Tale of the Pasco Bike that came back

PASCO, Wash. — An area mother is thanking her local police department after something they posted to Facebook likely guilted the thief of her eight-year-old son's bike into giving it back.

When Kirsten Peterson noticed the bicycle belonging to her son, Brodi, had been taken, she said she felt upset. This was the second bike stolen from their property.

"Like, somebody took bolt-cutters to my shed," said Peterson, "Seeing the look on my child's face when they see that something they love and treasure and cherish with all their little heart goes missing, that was really depressing."

She told Action News her son took it pretty hard.

"He was mad," she said. "He was like, 'I'm going to become a cop and arrest him'."

She contacted Pasco Police but the officer told her they'd probably never see the bike again.

"In his entire career as a police officer he could count with one hand how many times a bike has been returned to the owner," she said, adding. "That was really discouraging."

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Pasco Police posted a picture of the bike asking the community to watch for it.

The post gained a decent amount of "likes" but it was the conversation thread underneath the post that got interesting.

"It was so amazing," gasped Peterson. "There's so much community outreach. It was heart-warming just to see the community want to get together and do something positive. Especially for my son."

Then, plot twist, later that night Pasco Police showed up on Peterson's porch.

They said someone dropped the bike off and they wanted to make the special delivery to reunite Brodi and his bike.

"It was a very warm feeling," smiled Peterson. "I loved it. Just the smile on his face. And then he says, 'Mom, we're keeping it in the kitchen.'

"We actually put my bike inside so no one can get in there," said Brodi, before adding a message for the person who took his bike. "Say sorry or you're probably going to jail."

Pasco Police pooled their money and were going to buy Brodi a new bike before his original ride turned up.

They wound up returning the bike but tell Action News they wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

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