Three horses on the brink of starvation are rescued in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. -- It's a case of animal neglect that some say goes beyond to the thresholds of abuse. Three horses in North Pasco were rescued on Thursday night for starvation. It's a harrowing fight that's only just begun.

"He came and said 'we need to go, we don't have time to wait' and I said let me go get my keys," said Linda Christiano, Spot-O-Faith Farms. On Thursday, Linda Christiano and a Franklin County deputy went to a North Pasco home to seize three horses; one on the brink of death.

Christiano says the horses had been dumped. A relative of the owner had been giving them enough food for one horse, leaving the three to fight. A 15-year-old mare got none and for who knows how long.

"I am speechless at the thought someone could do this. it's inhumane," said Christiano. The 15-year-old mare is in critical condition, but if she makes it through the first weeks her odds of a full recovery are good.

The deputy told KEPR he has referred the case to the Franklin County prosecutor. It's unknown what charges, if any, the owner will face.
Christiano's farm is run solely on donation and she is asking for feed. Alfalfa hay is what the horses need to recover she says because of its high protein content.

To donate, you can go to the Yakima Federal S&L, Columbia Grain and feed in Pasco, Farmers Exchange in Kennewick and buy feed. Tell the check-out to donate it to "Spot-O-Faith Farm Horse Rescue" and they will deliver it.

You can also find Christiano at the Richland Farmers Market on Fridays selling Lavender as a fundraiser for the farm.
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