Three-year-old Burbank boy's Make-A-Wish comes true

Three-year-old Burbank boy's Make-A-Wish comes true

BURBANK, Wash. -- A young Burbank boy has had a very unique wish, and today it came true. On a heartwarming day, Make-A-Wish brought little Sawyer Hall’s dream to life.

Three-year old Sawyer Hall was diagnosed with leukemia last summer. But for a moment, he forgot about all that, because Saturday was Sawyer's wish day.

“He wanted a chicken coop for his Make-A-Wish,” Sawyer’s mother Shelley Hall laughed. “You know, a lot of kids go to Disneyland and go swim with the dolphins and stuff, but he wanted a chicken coop mansion.”

A mansion worthy to house his chicken friends.

“He loves chickens. He loves to pack them around and play with them and chase them,” Hall said.

Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington partnered with Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis and Home Depot to bring the coop to life.

“Sawyer is so amazing,” Make-A-Wish volunteer Barbi Hawkins said. “The first time we came to visit, he was kind of shy; he had been going through some treatments and stuff, but he just warmed up to us and he was so excited about his chickens.”

Nail by nail and board by board, the coop took shape, thanks to area volunteers and donations.

“It's a wonderful thing,” Hall said.

It's a place to keep Sawyer’s chickens safe--and a wish he can keep forever.

Folks from Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington said they need more volunteers to help out children with life-threatening illnesses.

If you want to become a volunteer, sign up here.

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