Tow truck companies constantly working to help stuck drivers

    WSP says they responded to over 100 crashes since Saturday. <p>{/p}

    Tow truck companies are keeping busy as the winter storm rages on.

    Action News called several tow truck companies today who told us every driver they had were out on the road helping people. Marcos Escobar, a driver with A&E Towing Plus says they have been towing cars constantly during their shifts.

    "We're dealing with a lot of pull outs and people going out into the ditch,” said Escobar. “Typically they’re driving too fast for conditions. We’ve seen lot of wrecks, a lot of big truck wrecks and people sliding out, spinning out jackknifes.”

    Escobar says if you don't think your car can make it through a large pile of snow especially on the side roads, don't risk it. He says his tow truck got stuck on the side streets in Richland over the weekend.

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