TRAC hopes paving dirt floor will bring more events in 2019

    Keith Johnson says the portable floor to go on top of the dirt wasn't enough to get vendors and musicians in the space.<p>{/p}

    TRAC officials say a controversial decision to pave the inside of their venue might help them book more events they previously weren't able to attract in an effort to make ends meet.

    Organizers say the TRAC hasn't made a profit in several years. The county and city were having to dip into taxpayer dollars to fill the gap, some years for as much as half a million dollars.

    This year organizers made a controversial decision to remove dirt from the inside and pave the floor.

    That meant possibly missing out on motocross, monster truck shows and equestrian events.

    But county administrator Keith Johnson says it's bringing in other events the TRAC would normally not be able to attract because of dust issues. He says trade shows didn’t want to bring in their high-priced items because of the dust. Musicians were passing on the space because the dust would get into their expensive equipment.

    "There has been a significantly increased demand for space to host major trade shows and events that TRAC was initially designed to host,” Johnson said.

    Johnson says the TRAC has a tight schedule for 2019 and that the move to pave the floor is bringing in events that overlooked the space before.

    For those that loved the events on the dirt, they're not doing away with those forever. Johnson says events can bring in their own dirt to the space.

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