Tri-Cities couple celebrates 70th anniversary on Valentine's Day

    Tri-Cities couple celebrates 70th anniversary on Valentine's Day

    KENNEWICK, Wash. –- A Tri-Cities couple is celebrating their 70th anniversary this Valentine’s Day.

    Apples and peaches on the shelf,

    I’m getting tired of sleeping by myself.

    John Becknell wrote that simple poem to ask his wife, Bonnie, to marry him several decades ago.

    “We were high school sweethearts,” John said. “That goes back a ways!”

    “How many miles was it, honey, that you had to walk to come see me?” Bonnie asked him.

    “It was about 20 miles,” he replied. “I got there alright and back before dark.”

    This Valentine’s Day is their 70th wedding anniversary.

    “He's somebody I’d keep the rest of my life,” Bonnie said.

    “I'm not going to trade you in for a younger model,” John laughed.

    The Becknell’s said Many memories fill those 70 years--like traveling throughout the 50 states, doing missionary work in Mexico, and raising a family together.

    They have four children, eight grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.

    The secret to their 70-year marriage?

    “Whenever you pick somebody, make sure it's the right person,” Bonnie said. “Stick with it.”

    Their advice is simple.

    “Life is what it is,” she said. “And all of it won't be happy. You work together. And you have to love each other.”

    “If you've got love,” John added. “You're going to stay together.”

    And after 70 years, the two are still sweethearts.

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