Tri-Cities welcomes the first day-time clinic for pets

It's designed to handle all pet emergencies and is open seven days a week.

KENNEWICK, Wash. - In hopes of filling a void in the community, the Tri-Cities welcomes the first day-time walk-in clinic for pets.

It's designed to handle all pet emergencies and is open seven days a week.

Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care, is up and running and located in the Southridge side of Kennewick.

(4309 W 27th Pl Bldg. C Ste 104, Kennewick, WA 99338)

“Were really hoping to be able to give the pets the attention, they need and relieve some of the pressure from the other local daytime vets,” said Erickson.

Doctor Sheila Erickson, said before opening this clinic, there was a dire need for pet emergencies in the community.

Erickson said, “Having worked at the emergency clinic for several years, there were a lot of people that were always trying to find care in the day and just not be able to get in anywhere.”

Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency, is the only other clinic in the Tri-Cities, its open at nights and 24/7 on weekends as well as holidays, however not during weekdays.

Forcing many pet owners to wait for after hours or when their regular clinic was available.

This then motivated Doctor Erickson, to fill that gap.

Erickson said, “We really have the capability to do just about anything we can do, surgery, see sick pets, we can do blood transfusion, we carry anti-venom, pretty much anything.”

“We love our patients, you know we treat every single one of our patients like we would want our pets to be treated, it’s an emotional job and it’s not the easiest to do but we really want the best for every animal that walks through the door.”

The facility doesn't take appointments, mimicking an urgent care facility or emergency room for pets.

The Clinic is open, from 8AM – 8PM, Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun. and from 8 AM– 5PM Tue, Wed, and Thur.

For more information, Click Here.

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