Tri-City All-Stars Basketball Team Takes Home Gold

Local athletes to represent state in 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.

TRI-CITIES, Wash.-- Special Olympics athletes from the Tri-Cities just got a big win for Washington.

The team just got back from their trip to Seattle, where they competed in the Special Olympics USA Games.

All-Star Athlete James Daer says, "It was once in a lifetime, we had a lot of fun, I got to meet all sorts of really fun people."

The Tri-City All Stars are still reflecting on their epic week in Seattle.

Tri-City All-Stars Coach Ken Martinson says, "This only happens every four years just like the regular Olympics."

The chance to play in the Special Olympics USA Games is hard to come by.

An opportunity James Daer has been waiting for, for 12 years, since he joined the team.

James Daer says, "A couple of us have been trying to get on for a number of years and we just got really lucky, our coach really fought for us, and we had to bring it home."

The team had to jump through many hoops to make it to the national stage.

Tri-City All-Stars Coach Ken Martinson says, "First of all to be selected to even represent team Washington, you have to be a gold medal winner at state, and then it still isn't a guarantee, but they did select us to play."

Coach Martinson, who used to coach high school basketball, says he took over coaching the team three years ago.

Tri-City All-Stars Coach Ken Martinson says, "What I hopefully brought to them was a little more discipline and patience on offense."

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