Two suspects jailed in 2016 shooting death near Royal City

Law enforcement vehicles guard the Ford Explorer where Arturo Sosa was shot and killed and Jose Rafael Cano Barrientos was shot and injured along State Route 26 near Royal City, Wash., December 9, 2016 (Photo: Grant County Sheriff's Office)

NEAR ROYAL CITY, Wash. - Two suspects have been arrested in connection to a shooting homicide in 2016, reports say.

A report from the Grant County Sheriff's Office said two women were jailed Wednesday, in the investigation of a shooting that killed Arturo Sosa, 28, and critically injured Jose Rafael Cano Barrientos, 33, both from Othello.

A probable cause statement said Eustolio Campuzano, 27, was the ex-girlfriend of Sosa and told Paula Rodriguez Cuevas, 29, of Sosa's alleged bad behavior towards her, including hitting her.

Cuevas later introduced Campuzano to three men at what was possibly the Shady Tree RV Park near George. Two of the males are allegedly Fernando Marcos Gutierrez and Julio Albarran Varona, who are both in jail in connection to the killing of Jill Sundberg near George, back in December of 2016.

Reports said Sosa was shot in the head on December 9, 2016, after Gutierrez and Varona, who were armed with rifles and handguns, pulled over the victims' vehicle and forced them to their back seat.

As Sosa's Explorer was being driven on State Route 26, Barrientos was shot in the upper chest and Sosa was shot in the head and killed.

Varona and Gutierrez allegedly threatened Campuzano following the incident, telling her, “You talk, and the second person you see is your son.”

A man involved allegedly held a gun to Cuevas’s head, threatening to kill her if she spoke of the shooting.

Forensic evidence gathered at the scene of the shooting matches suspect Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, reports said.

Deputies say as of right now, aside from the involvement of suspects Gutierrez and Varona in both the Sosa and Sundberg killings, it is not known if Sosa's killing played any role in the Sundberg killing.

Campuzano and Cuevas are in the Grant County Jail for suspicion of first degree assault.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate these incidents.

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