Vehicle thefts in Kennewick, what car thieves are targeting

Honda's are being targeted by thieves in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Kennewick police department has taken at least 10 auto theft reports in less than one month and thieves are targeting a certain make and model.

Kennewick police say that between June 18 and July the 9th they have taken several auto theft reports involving mid to late 90’s Honda Accords and Preludes.

Vehicles are primarily being stolen in the late evening and early morning hours.

“Most of them have occurred east of 395 they’ve all been Hondas late 90’s models most of them have been accords and I think one of them was a Prelude,” said Sgt. Aaron Clem.

The area that has seen the most auto thefts are east of Washington St. and a few have occurred near 4th and Vancouver St.

Kennewick police say that these thieves aren’t breaking in to the cars instead they find cars that are unlocked and it appears they use a shaved key that works on most of the vehicles stolen.

“So, what they do is alter a key so that it works in most cars in that age and then they use that key to start it,” said Sgt. Clem.

Most of the stolen Hondas have been recovered abandoned in or outside of the city limits.

Why these thieves are targetting Hondas is still an unknown to police but they say that it is one of their more frequently stolen vehicles.

"Hondas seem to be a car of choice that people like to steal I don’t know if they are easily accessible because of the way the keys work," said Sgt. Clem.

Police say this is a crime of opportunity and warn the public to lock their cars and roll up their windows.

"That will again stop them from getting inside your car," said Sgt. Clem.

The Kennewick police department says that so far, this year they’ve had 83 stolen vehicles and have recovered 74 of them.

They added that the number of stolen vehicles compared to last year is down and that there is no big trend.

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