Visit Tri-Cities helping workers at local airport

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    TRI CITIES, Wash. - Employees at the Tri-Cities airport are currently being unpaid even though they are working and visit tri-cities want you to help.

    Visit Tri-Cities sent out a flyer asking for local businesses and city members to help out.

    According to the release as the partial government shutdown continues, 70 tri-cities community members who are also TSA and FAA employees are having a difficult time.

    It is said that furloughed employees will be likely repaid but the loss of one check has been creating hardship.

    Tri-Cities businesses, organizations and individuals are trying to provide support for those TSA and FAA employees.

    Visit Tri-Cities is also conducting random acts of kindness which include meals during regularly scheduled shifts and/or donation drives to support affected families.

    If you or your business wish to support Tri-Cities Airport TSA and FAA employees during this financially difficult time, please contact Buck Taft at (509) 547-6352.

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