WA Secretary of State comes to CBC to talk upcoming election

WA Secretary of State comes to CBC to talk upcoming election

PASCO, Wash. -- The upcoming election has state leaders coming to the Tri-Cities.

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman made a stop at CBC to encourage young adults to get out and vote this November.

She said college-age voters are usually the lowest participating group in an election.

Wyman said local elections affect our daily lives far more than presidential ones.

"The quality of the roads that they drive on, how fast a first responder gets to them in an emergency, what books our kids are going to read in school--all those decisions are local, elected leaders,” Wyman said. “And those are the people that are going to be on the ballot this fall."

And an election concern on everybody's mind--Wyman said Russian hackers did try to get into Washington voter registrations at the county and state level, but failed.

She said they monitor their systems vigilantly to prevent a hack.

The November election is coming up fast and so are some registration deadlines.

If you have changed your address since the last election, or you need to register to vote, you can register online now until 9 October. Or, you can register in person at your county auditor’s office until 30 October.

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