Walla Walla Yacht Club boats and docks damaged in winter storm.

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    According to a press release from the Walla Walla Yacht Club, the winter weather on Friday and Saturday sunk two boats and caused significant damage to other boats, boathouses and docks.

    On Saturday afternoon, the breakwater made of pylons, wood and metal that creates a safe harbor to hold back wind was breached and torn away.

    According to the press release they say swells coming into the club from the north brought winds up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. They say the wind rocked the boats and floating pieces of the broken breakwater slammed into the boats, boathouses and docks.

    They believe the floating debris punctured the hulls of the two sailboats that sunk, one a Catalina 27 and the other a CT-38.

    The club secretary Linda Yoes believes the breakwater could take months to repair, especially if more wintery weather is coming their way.

    The Walla Walla Yacht Club was founded in 1949, when it was located near the confluence of the Walla Walla River and Columbia rivers. It was moved since then, and is currently located at 530 Port Kelley Road off Highway 730 approximately 2 miles west of the junction with highways 12 and 730.

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