WATCH: New footage released from Pasco gun fight

WARNING: This footage is graphic and some viewers may find it disturbing

PASCO, Wash. -- Action News now has newly released video, audio, and photos from the night a gunfight broke out between a Pasco man and police.

Pasco Police said they shot at Edwin Espejo after he started firing at them back in September, But Espejo is pleading not guilty. Still no word from the prosecutor if officers will be charged.

See and hear for yourself the moments leading up to the shooting in the video above. We warn you this footage is graphic and some viewers might find it disturbing.

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“Get down!“ Pasco police yelled moments before gunshots rang through the air.

This is the moment police said Edwin Espejo picked up his gun and shot at them. Photos from the night show Espejo with several bullet wounds all over his body.

An officer comforting the wounded Espejo is heard over the dash cam audio.

“Help is coming, man. Help is coming,” the officer said.

Police said they also have pictures of the gun Espejo used. Other images show bullet holes riddled throughout the basement where it happened and even through an officer’s pant leg.

Not long before that pivotal moment, police had gotten a call for a domestic dispute and hurried to the house to help. You can hear officers confront Espejo right away.

“Drop it right now, man. Drop it right now! No drop it! Put your hands up! Hands up!” An officer yelled.

And then they tried to talk him down for a few minutes.

“We don't want anybody to get hurt tonight,” One officer said. “Your kids need you, Edwin. Edwin, your kids need you, sir.”

Espejo cried and told officers to leave.

“Stand up and crawl to me. Edwin! Don't do it, man!” You hear an officer yell before the shots.

Police said they immediately tried to administer first aid. They took pictures of tourniquets on Espejo's leg. Tourniquets Pasco Police said are usually only used when officers are hurt.

“They're going to get you some water, alright, buddy?” you hear an officer tell Espejo while they wait for medics to arrive.

All this dash cam footage and audio is being used to determine if the officers’ actions were justified and if Espejo fired those first shots.

Espejo survived and no officers were hurt. His trial is set to start next year.

Pasco Police said the officers involved are back to work, and the Prosecutor's Office still needs to determine if this shooting was justified or not.

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