West Richland man creates $4,000 neighborhood firework show


    A West Richland man and his step son put on a firework show that instead of annoying the neighbors, has them knocking on his door begging for the show to happen each year.

    What started as a company Fourth of July party, has grown to attract thousands of West Richland community members. Randy Michell's front lawn has become the playground for his step son who is a professional pyrotechnic. They light off 2,000 pounds of fireworks to music. From watering down the lawn, to buckets of water lining the streets and Michell’s property, he thinks his show is preventing accidents from happening across the community.

    "In all actuality, I believe it's safer to have everybody in one spot,” said Michell. Especially with it being let off by a professional and the precautions that we take."

    The show will start around 9:45 on Bombing Range Road.

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