Wild animal mauls dog at Hermiston home

HERMISTON, Ore. -- In the past seven days, two devastated families called into KEPR detailing how wild animals mauled their pets just feet from their homes.

In light of these recent attacks, KEPR is taking action to find out how you could prevent this terrifying situation on your property.

Hermiston resident Kristy Phillips didn't think her children's best friend, a seven-year old Pit-bull Bruiser, would make it through the night Friday.

"I just found puddles of blood and he was just barely breathing," said Phillips.

Kristy found Bruiser lifeless, bleeding from the gaping holes on three of his legs from what vets tell her are the bite marks of a bobcat or coyote.

"I wasn't sure he was going to make it and I was thinking in my head how am I going to tell my kids that their dog was attacked," said Phillips.

After emergency surgery, stitches and several tubes to drain the damage from the attack, Bruiser is battling himself back to health. However, the Phillips family will forever be scarred from what happened on their front lawn.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Phillips.

A heartbreaking situation that could happen to any homeowner in the area. Wild animals are always in search for their next meal, typically small mammals, and your property line won't keep your pet off the menu.

Officials say there are very few attacks reported each year, but they do happen.

Oregon fish and wildlife says to protect your pets from wild animals, take all food and garbage inside.

Wildlife reports that from dusk to dawn are when cougars, bears, bobcats and coyotes are most active. These are the times to try to keep your pets inside.

Additionally, to try to keep wild animals out, motion censored lights and fencing are another layer of protection.

All tips Kristy will not take lightly with her dog's life on the line.

"He's been a part of my family for seven years so to have my dog attacked that's a huge deal," she said.

Oregon Fish and Wildlife says if you have any suspicions about wild animals in your area call them immediately. If it's an after-hours emergency, they suggest calling police.

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