Wild surprise: Man finds coyote pup in his kitchen

A Kennewick man found a very wild surprise in his kitchen Monday afternoon: a coyote pup.

A Kennewick man found a very wild surprise in his kitchen Monday afternoon: a coyote pup.

Jake McChesney says when he returned home from work around 2:30 P.M., he saw his dog messing around with a potted plant in the kitchen next to the sliding back door. He admits he didn’t think much of it until he heard a small sound next to the plant.

When he looked, he saw what he initially thought was a stray puppy.

“Then I got a good look at it and ‘Wait a second. That even a puppy?’ Because it had a pointed nose and, just, those huge ears, it just didn’t really look like a puppy anymore.”

He admits seeing the coyote pup left him in shock. At one point he attempted to calm down the coyote, but when he tried to move the plant, the movement startled the pup, causing it to hiss at him.

McChesney called for non-emergency dispatchers, who referred him to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

He says they told him they didn't deal with coyotes and suggested that he could either hire a trapper or take care of it himself if he had the right documentation.

“I live in the middle of Kennewick and I’m not going to blow a hole through my wall and kill this little baby, so I was like, ‘That’s not an option.’”

That's when he called 911 and Kennewick Police responded. KPD says with the help of local wildlife control, they were able to catch the coyote without anyone getting hurt, including the pup.

McChesney says one of the officers “took a couple of pictures and he’s like, ‘No one’s going to believe this!’ And I was like ‘I know! I didn’t believe it!’”

McChesney says the coyote pup was released back into the wild in the Horse Heavens Hills to allow it to find it's mother.

Kennewick Police say if something similar happens to you, get out of the house and call either the non-emergency dispatch number at (509) 628-0333 or call animal control.

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