Wind knocks out power Saturday

RICHLAND/WEST RICHLAND -- If you spent Saturday camped out on the couch watching basketball, you had a perfect excuse. The wind and clouds made for a dreary day to spend outside.

A downed electrical line caused massive power outages in West Richland and Richland Saturday. More than 6,000 homes were without power for hours. McDonald's and Starbucks in the Queensgate Plaza closed down.

The blackout also caused several traffic signals to stop working. Power was gradually restored, but locals say it put a dent in their weekend plans.

"There's nothing you can do because there's no power. It makes you realize how much you appreciate when it does go out though," said West Richland resident Chad Beck.

"We have five kids at home, so trying to keep them entertained without TV, without lights -- you know -- that's a little difficult," added West Richland resident Troy Helms.

The backout originated from a downed power line near Red Mountain. The wind is blamed for causing the outage.
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