With warmer weather on the rise playgrounds also get the heat

Kids ride the hot playground slide at Memorial Park in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. - With warmer weather here and kids out of school the playgrounds are full of children enjoying their summer.

But if you’re planning on taking your kids to the park you might want to check the playground equipment first.

" I didn’t realize how hot until you shot it with your temperature gun," said Mandee Haase.

The mother of three brings her kids to the park after swimming lessons and says that the playground equipment can get really hot.

"It’s definitely hot they have to learn to check it before and if they don’t I’ve seen a lot of little kids go down and start crying because their little bum hurts but yeah it’s definitely hot I don’t know how to cool it off or make it safer,” said Haase.

We tested the slide at Memorial Park in Pasco and the temperature read at 135 degrees on our gun.

But kids, just dealt with the pain to try to have a little fun.

"Like your legs get really like hot they like they burn you", said Estrella after riding down the playground slide.

And with temperatures rising your kids are going to want to keep cool but if you plan on using a garden hose be warned.

A hose that had been sitting out in the baking sun all day was turned on and its temperature read well over one hundred degrees.

Now imagine spraying this water into a kiddy pool while your children are in it.

Some tips to avoid anyone from getting severe burns, let the water from your hose run for at least a minute and keeping the hose in a shaded area isn’t a bad idea either.

But if your kids insist on going to the park during a hot summer day Mandee has the following advice for other parents.

"Just to check it first check the slides first with their own hand because if it’s hot for them obviously it’s hot for their kids and just look for more shaded playgrounds," said Haase.

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