Woman finds roach in food; inspector confirms pest issue

Roach found in food

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A Pasco woman says she found a roach in her food at Wok King International Buffet recently, and health inspectors confirmed the pest issue during a recent visit.

After an anonymous complaint, an inspector from the Benton Franklin Health District made a visit to the restaurant.

According to a recently released inspection report, an inspector did find evidence of roaches inside the establishment.

The report says, "Sticky traps with roaches observed. One alive."

The report goes on to say that if the problem persists the businesses permit could be suspended.

The report also said that inspector found "food and debris on walls, equipment and floors."

The Benton Franklin County Health District is in charge of inspecting establishments that serve food.

Restaurants are inspected three times a year during randomly chosen dates.

Wok King is still open for business despite the issue. Officials say it is not a critical risk factor; however, the restaurant will be subject to a follow-up inspection soon.

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