Woman infected with West Nile virus still suffers years later


TRI-CITIES, Wash.-- More mosquitoes are testing positive for West Nile virus in Benton County, which is why wearing insect repellent is so important.

Action News spoke to a local woman who was infected years ago with West Nile.

She explains how even today, she's feeling side effects.

Melissa Souza says, "I know that I have long term problems with this fatigue and my legs, and that's scary."

No human cases have been reported so far this year in Benton and Franklin Counties.

Melissa Souza says, "I think people should put on spray, take it seriously, if you have standing water get rid of it, you see a lot of mosquitoes call mosquito control, I did call and they came out and sprayed but for me it was too late."

Experts say not everyone who contracts West Nile will have symptoms.

About 1 in 5 people who are infected do get fatigue and weakness-- but in some cases, like Melissa’s, those symptoms can last much longer.

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