WSP: Too many drivers on road with iced-up windows

WSP: Too many drivers on road with iced-up windows

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Something to watch for as the weather gets colder is ice on your windshield.

Washington State patrol Trooper Chris Thorson said this time of year he sees plenty of drivers neglecting to scrape all of their car windows before heading out in the morning.

He said driving with limited visibility is dangerous for both the driver of the iced-up car and other cars in nearby lanes,

"What we see is people just do this small little circle on their windshield, and that's it, and totally disregard all the side windows and back windows. Well guess what, you need these windows just as much as your windshield for making lane changes and merging."

Trooper Thorson said it's very important to make sure all of your windows are clear before driving.

He said weather isn't an excuse and causing an accident while changing lanes with frosted windows will still get you a ticket.

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