WSU puts on town hall to get more women interested in STEM


RICHLAND, Wash. --WSU Tri-Cities was packed with women and men of all ages for their Women in Stem Town Hall Series.

Women in all different stem field shared their experiences, and urged other women to take on the challenge.

Washington State has the highest concentration of Stem jobs in the country, but the second to worst gap in matching job openings with qualified people.

These women are working to close the wage gap between genders... Starting with Stem!

"You don't have to be a nobel prize winner to inspire someone to pursue a career in science and technology. You can just be a woman, who showed up on a wednesday afternoon to hear from other women and support their success," said WSU's STEM Foundation Outreach Coordinator Robin Wojtanik.

"Girls actually lead in science in 65 countries, just not the US. This is not a biological problem this is a cultural problem and we need to change our perspective," said Air Permitting Specialist Heather Belts.

This is one of many events the STEM foundation is working on to try and get more people involved.

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