Video: Man charged in fake slip and fall

    Man charged in fake slip and fall in New Jersey. (CNN Newsource)

    MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NJ (CBS12) - Prosecutors in New Jersey say a man faked a slip and fall in an effort to collect insurance money. He's now facing insurance fraud and theft charges.

    Authorities say 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky is caught on camera doing the fake slip and fall at a company in Woodbridge.

    Investigators said Goldinsky, who worked as an independent contractor, purposely threw ice on the floor of the cafeteria, "placed himself on the ground," and waited until someone found him.

    Prosecutors said Goldinsky then filed a false insurance claim for the ambulance service and treatment at a hospital.

    Goldkinsky is due in court next week after his arrest on Jan. 15. He faces one count of insurance fraud in the third degree and one count of theft by deception in the third degree.

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