Teen starts 'Mission Big Foot' to help those in need of extra-large shoes

A Wayne County teenager is on the mission to make large shoes more available. (WCHS/WVAH)

Finding a comfortable, properly fitting shoe can be challenging. For 16-year-old Christian Stratton who wears a size 15, it's nearly impossible.

With the help of his mom Tinia Creamer, the pair are starting a movement to help fellow West Virginians who are in need of extra-large shoes. They are calling it The Big Foot Mission. They will be collecting shoes sizes 13 and up that will go to students, teens and homeless people.

You could say being a good Samaritan is a role this mother and son are used to playing. Tinia has been working with the Heart of Phoenix Equine rescue for eight years. It wasn't until a worker who was mucking stalls expressed a need for shoes, did the duo realize they could be helping others in a unique way.

Christian posted a Facebook post about his idea one day ago and overnight the post got shared thousands of times. They were contacted by at least four teachers and two homeless shelters overnight.

Right now, they plan to concentrate locally but think The Big Foot Mission could go national. It's clear Christian is taking big steps to a bright future.

"Everyone deserves a shoe that fits," Stratton said. "When I realized recently how many kids and homeless wear a big shoe size that is either impossible or too expensive for them to find or afford, I decided to become The Big Foot missionary."

Stratton also is asking all statewide sports teams to consider donating to the project because athletes are likely to have the needed sizes.

If you would like to donate, you can donate money or mail shoes to:


P.O. BOX 81

SHOALS, WV 25562

You can also find information on this website.

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