Legislators reflect on special session at KEPR

    State Rep. Terry Nealey (R)

    PASCO, Wash. -- Action News sat down with 16th District state representatives as they wait to be called back to Olympia to vote on a proposal to update last year's $38 billion budget.

    State representative Terry Nealey ranks on the House of Representative's financial committee.

    Nealey shares frustrations about having to be in this special session in the first place but hopes that this year's budget will be better than the years past.

    As a Republican, he says making a four-year budget plan instead of two should definitely help decrease the deficit for next year.

    "I want to make sure that we can get this budget passed and hopefully without incurring new taxes. The senate is trying to hold that line. The house is working to create some new taxes to fill in the deficit. The problem in the past was you kick the debt over into the next two-year cycle and that created some real problems," said Nealey.

    Rep. Nealey learned that in the past few days Democratic House and Republican Senate negotiators worked to reduce what was initially a $400 million difference down to between three and four million.

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