Super Bowl champ inspires at local clinic

    Eagles' Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery inspires the next generation of the game at EAT camp.

    KENNEWICK, Wash. -- During the NFL offseason, it's not uncommon for players to give back to the community. But for Super Bowl Champion Alshon Jeffery, it's most important to inspire the next generation of the game and help kids with dreams as big as his.

    "It’s all about just having fun with the kids," said Jeffery. "Because you never know. Like I told them, 20-30 years from now they could become Super Bowl Champions and they could come back and tell me their story."

    The Eagles' Wide Receiver trekked to the Tri-Cities for a combine and camp catered to players of all ages and abilities. But Jeffery's trainer, Steve Whitehead of Elite Ambitions Training, has been the man behind the curtain making it all possible - for kids and the pros.

    "Well that’s the first step, once you see somebody, you know anything is possible," explained Whitehead. "First of all, you should believe it in your mind that anything is possible. If you want to play football, just like anything else to be successful at, there are some steps you have to take."

    With Whitehead's philosophy in place, he's been able to field an extremely diverse group of athletes, including Madison Castillo, a Cornerback for the Junior Bombers and the only girl in the league.

    "I liked seeing Alshon Jeffery," Castillo smiled. "I think it’s cool that someone from a small town could meet someone who goes to the super bowl."

    The Super Bowl receiver and the best corner in the league last season have a lot more in common than you’d think.

    "I was a kid just playing football, and I’m from a small town, so I always had a dream and a goal," explained Jeffery. "It’s just seeing somebody take the time out of their day to come back and just have fun."

    "A lot of kids around here are lacking confidence," said Whitehead. "So we speak with them, we jostle them, we bump chests, and just get them out of their comfort zones so they can start to become kids and know to have fun. More importantly, they know they can make mistakes, and to learn from them as quickly as possible."

    But confidence is one thing not missing from one of Whitehead’s brightest students Madison - a player who tackles any doubt that she’s just one of the guys.

    "I think if you have a dream, and you have a goal, do it," said Castillo.

    Who knows, maybe she'll make it to the Super Bowl someday.

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