"It's a light bat"-- Mariners release new 2016 commercials

    Photo: Seattle Mariners

    SEATTLE -- From "King" Felix taking things a bit too literally to a new image for Kyle Seager, the Seattle Mariners have released their popular commercials for the upcoming 2016 season.

    The four ads this year feature such topics as teammates peppering Felix Hernandez what it's like to be a real king, apparently thinking there just might be a moat and dragons around his Eastside "castle."

    In another, second baseman Robinson Cano finds he has a lot in common with Edgar Martinez, complete with a throwback to the classic "It's a light bat" commercial Edgar used to do for Eagle Hardware back in the 90s.

    For Kyle Seager, one season removed from his "hit" band "Hawt Corner" comes a new look to "take him to the next level": "K-Swag"

    And finally, slugger Nelson Cruz unveils his new side business: Auto glass repair, thanks to his countless base of customers to park too close to left field.

    The Mariners have also recently put all their old commercials on their YouTube channel, should you need a trip down memory lane.

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