Mariners, A's engage in Twitter war over new 'Felix Day' ad

    Screen shot from Mariners commercial on "Felix Day" (Photo via Seattle Mariners)

    SEATTLE -- It all started so innocently enough. The Seattle Mariners, fresh off releasing this year's slate of new commercials Wednesday, have been Tweeting them out, including the one on how Seattle celebrates every 5th day when Felix Hernandez pitches.

    In one of the scenes, a man gives a jewelry box containing a baseball-themed ring to his girlfriend and proclaims "Happy Felix Day." Then at the end of the ad, Felix strikes out player dressed in Oakland A's uniform, at which point catcher Mike Zunino hands the batter a "K" balloon and also says "Happy Felix Day".

    The Oakland A's were...a bit peeved.

    Aww, poor Oakland. Here, have another balloon:

    Then, taking a page from their cross-town San Francisco 49ers in their fan duels with Seattle Seahawks fans, the A's...reverted to the distant past to dust off some old championship trophies.

    The Mariners took note:

    And then...

    Ouch! But actually, the A's lost 93 games last year, so they should have plenty of those balloons to hand out.

    But the M's are ready to settle it on the field:

    The Mariners first play the A's on April 20th at the Oakland Coliseum.

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