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On the last day of first grade, Christopher won an award for "Asking and thinking of good questions". He admits this may have been a passive-aggressive dig from an exhausted teacher but enjoys attributing his career to this memory. He loves reporting because it gives him a chance to ask questions and become an expert on something new every day.

Christopher— call him Topher if you see him around town— considers himself a "jack of all trades".

He earned the title through years of asking questions, and then asking more questions. At Utah State University, he first wanted to study and teach English or creative writing before switching to study Special Education.

Then print journalism.

Then he was a horticulture major.

And then Landscape Architecture.

Then public relations.

Finally, he switched back to his passion and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism (with an emphasis in Communications).

When not running around the station trying to make deadline, Topher likes to explore his new neighborhood and relax with his cats in the garden. This is his first time living outside of Utah; he's excited for the change of scenery and looks forward to becoming a "local" of the Tri-Cities.

If you know of news happening near you, drop him a line at