Gustavo OlguinReporter

Connect With Gustavo Olguin

Gustavo comes all the way from the other end of I-5 in Southern California from the small town of La Mirada.

At Cerritos Community College he discovered his love for public speaking and found a way to channel that love into journalism. He became an editor at Talon Marks, the school newspaper, for his final year before getting his Associate's Degree in journalism.

From there he went on to graduate from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in broadcast journalism. While at Fullerton, he was part of the school’s television station, OC News, as a reporter and producer.

Outside of the workplace you will most likely find Gustavo outdoors and out of breath. Some of his hobbies include playing basketball or soccer, snowboarding, hiking, and anything else that gets the heart racing. If he’s not outside, he is most likely trying to beat a boss on a new video game or binge watching the newest season of his favorite show.

If you ever see Gustavo walking around feel free to say hi and he’ll do his best to get you to laugh! Plus don’t hesitate to contact him at if you have any stories that you think need to be told.